Motorola A22B


 Brand: Motorola  Year of Manufacture: 1963  Frequency Range: 550 - 1600 Kc
Tube Lineup: 35W4 Rectifier, 50C5 Output, 12AU6 Det/AVC/A.F., 12BE6 Converter, 12BA6 I.F. Amp
Schematic: SAMS 638-11.

   Acquired in late 2001 for less than $5.00. This is a rather common AA5 type radio, nothing spectacular here. The restoration was rather simple,and included replacing all electrolytic and paper capacitors, a new power cord, and cleaning the controls with contact cleaner. The cabinet received a polishing with Novus brand polishes. In November of 2004, I began culling out undesirable radios in my collection, and this one was put for auction on ebay. It now resides in a collection in Italy.

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