In February 2009 another body was found in the rocks, very near the boat ramp. The person more than likely died or was "dumped" in the river many miles upstream and merely washed ashore in Leavenworth.

From WHAS Channel 11

Body found in Ohio River
09:18 PM EST on Thursday, February 26, 2009

WHAS11 Coverage

(WHAS11) -- Indiana Conservation officers say a body has been found in the Ohio River near Leavenworth, IN.

At a news conference, investigators said a fisherman discovered the body, which appears to have gotten caught on the rocks near Crawford County and was exposed when the river level receded. It's not known if foul play was involved. An autopsy will be performed on Friday. Investigators said due to the high water levels on the river, bodies can travel down the river.

Conservation officers said the body is so decomposed, they can’t identify the race or sex of the body. They say it's of a taller person who was wearing knee-high boots and jewelry on the fingers. They are asking for help in identifying that jewelry. They're looking at missing person reports and are asking for help from the public about missing person cases.

Anyone with information is asked to call 812-837-9536.

From Fox 41 News

Body found near boat ramp

An Indiana fisherman made a grisly discovery along the Ohio River this afternoon.

It happened in Leavenworth, Indiana in Crawford County. Police say a fisherman reported a body laying along the riverbank below the Leavenworth boat ramp.

Apparently, it was so badly decomposed that police can't identify the sex, age, or race. The location of the body makes it difficult to determine where it possibly could have come from.

"Every agency that has had a report of a missing person is now contact our department and passing that information on to us so we can start narrowing it down," said Mac Spainhour, Indiana Conservation Officer.

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday morning.

Police are asking anyone with tips or information on the body are asked to call 812-837-9536.