Crosley 5V1

"Before"                        "After" 

Brand: Crosley  Year of Manufacture: 1934  Frequency Range(s): 535 - 1700 Kc, 1.65 - 4.5 Mc
Tube Lineup: 80 Rectifier, 42 Output, 6B7 Detector/AVC/A.F.6A7  Osc/Mod, 6D6 I.F. Amp
Schematic: Available here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air. Riders 5-21

    This radio was purchased from a fellow radio collector at the IHRS fall meet on October 13th 2007.  After looking over many radios at the meet, this one was selected as a decent project. Below: The radio when first purchased.


    Besides the obvious cabinet damage and chassis rust, more problems were found when disassembled. Several components and wires were either cut or missing, mainly in the audio output section. The speaker cone was badly damaged, but salvageable. The chassis was badly rusted, with very little, if any of the original plating left. While probably not the best choice, I opted to paint the chassis. Once painted, all paper and electrolytic capacitors were replaced, the controls were cleaned, rubber mounting washers for the tuning capacitor were replaced, and the I.F. trimmers were aligned. When all repairs were complete, the radio was functioning normally on both bands.

    The speaker cone was repaired using brown construction paper, dryer fabric softener sheets, and fabric glue. Once the cone repairs were complete, the entire cone was lightly sprayed with a matching color of paint to blend in the repairs. Below: The restored chassis.


    The cabinet required quite a bit of veneer work. Several pieces had to be reglued, and a few had to be completely replaced. I chose a color scheme that involved spraying black lacquer over the center grill area, like Peter from used.
Not only is Peter a fellow IHRS member, he is also the person who I purchased my 5V1 from. You can read about Peter's 5V1 restoration here.  Since the grill was going to colored with black lacquer, wood filler was used to repair this area. Below center: The cabinet undergoing repairs.

    The grain was filled using Bartleys grain filler. Once the filler had dried, and the cabinet was sanded, it was time to mask off certain areas to be toned. Mowhawk brand toned lacquer and Deft brand clear lacquer were used. The grill cloth is a reproduction from RadioDaze. The missing knobs were purchased from David Frush.


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