Philco 41-220

    Brand: Philco Radio & Telev. Corp.    Year Of Manufacture: 1941  Frequency Range(s): 540 - 1600KC, 1.6 -  3.3 MC
    Tube lineup: 35Z3 Rectifier, 35A5 Output, 7C6 2nd Det/AVC/1st Audio, 7B7 I.F., 7A8 Det/Osc, 7C7 R.F.
    Schematic: Available here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air. Riders 12-48

    An ebay find, this radio required a few repairs to have it working and looking good for display. The electronics were all original, so the capacitors were all replaced, taking the extra time to restuff the new caps. The dial cover was badly warped and cracked, so it would have to be replaced. A new cover was made using a kit available from Bill Turner. Many radios of this era used asbestos sheets underneath the chassis. Asbestos is relatively harmless unless it is disturbed and tiny particles become airborne. Brush on lacquer was used to seal this in place and prevent it from becoming damaged.

The final step was cleaning up the cabinet. The original finish was mostly there, just starting to crack and flake. The bad spots were touched up using some stain sticks, and a few coats of clear lacquer were sprayed on to seal in and preserve the finish. Below: Before restoration.

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