Philco 41-225

    Brand: Philco Radio & Telev. Corp.   Year Of Manufacture: 1941   Frequency Range(s): 540 - 1600KC, 1.6 -  3.3 MC
    Tube lineup: 35Z3 Rectifier, 35A5 Output, 7C6 2nd Det/AVC/1st Audio, 7B7 I.F., 7A8 Det/Osc, 7C7 R.F.
    Schematic: Available here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air. Riders 12-48

    An ebay find in March 2007. Upon examination, this radio must have come from some sort of a museum. The original finish was almost flawless, the filters had been replaced, a modern cloth covered power cord had been added, and a small plaque specifying the year and band was tucked away next to the chassis.

    Restoration included replacing all capacitors, and restuffing the modern replacements into the shells of the originals. The finish only required some minor touching up.

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