Philco 50-527-I

    Brand: Philco Radio & Telev. Corp.    Year Of Manufacture: 1950  Frequency Range: 540 - 1600KC
Tube lineup: 35Z3 Rectifier, 50L6 GT Output14B6 Det/AVC/1st Audio, 14AF7 I.F. Amp, 7A8 Converter
Available here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air. Riders 20-158

    On a rainy Saturday in September 2006, I had travel plans to attend a party in Indianapolis. I took time the night before to make of map of antique shops along the way, and gave many of them a call in advance to see if they were open or had any radios. Well, after a very discouraging few hours, and several antique shops later, my luck was looking rather bleak. At a shop in Scottsburg, IN I ran across this one. The prices seemed high at $25.00, but when I asked a few questions about it, they offered it to me at a discount.

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