Philco 54C

    Brand: Philco Radio & Telev. CorpYear Of Manufacture: 1933   Frequency Range: 550-1500 KC
    Tube lineup: 25Z5 Rectifier, 43 Output, 75 2nd Det, 78 I.F 6A7Det/Oscillator
    Schematic: Available here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air. Riders 3-57
    This radio was purchased at the Louisville Hamfest on September 8th, 2007. It was bought from a fellow radio collector for the mere price of $20.00. This radio has obviously been well cared for it's entire life, as everything was original and in great condition, with the exception of a torn grill cloth.

    After a good cleaning, a new grill cloth, and the chassis being overhauled, this is not a bad little receiver. The only problem was with the tuning drive, which uses a two speed shaft, with 3 small ball bearings as idlers between the two shafts.. The tuner was slipping, but the application of some thick white grease to the bearings fixed it right up. Below center: Before restoration.

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