Philco 59C ( 1935 )

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Brand: Philco Radio & Telev. Corp.  Year of Manufacture: 1935  Frequency Range: 550 - 1600 KC
Tube Lineup: 80 Rectifier, 42 Output, 77 2nd Detector, 77 Det/Osc
: Available
here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air. Riders 5-29

    This radio was purchased in February of 2006 from Ron Ramirez. So on a nice treacherous snowy afternoon, the two hour drive was made to Evansville to pick up this and two other radios. The condition didn't look too bad at first. The cabinet was in fair shape with several large scratches and spots of flaking finish. The chassis was missing two tubes and a tube shield. The knobs are not original since they just don't seem to fit right.

    Upon further examination this radio appears to have been someones project in the past. The grill cloth and backing have been replaced, and the chassis appears to have been worked on quite a bit. Even after my usual electrical repairs the radio is still not working. Several troubleshooting techniques have yielded no results, so this radio will have to sit until I have the time and ambition to get it working.

    The cabinet was completely refinished. Bartley's paste grain filler was used on the wood after stripping. 24 hours after the filler had dried, the whole cabinet was sanded. Mohawk brand toners were used to color the cabinet, and Deft semi gloss was used as the final coats. The non-original grill cloth looks ok, so it will be left for now. The decal was purchased from the former Rock Sea Enterprises.

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