Philco 41-PT-12

    Brand: Philco Radio & Telev. Corp.   Year Of Manufacture: 1941   Frequency Range: 540 - 1600KC
    Tube lineup: 35Z3 Rectifier, 50L6GT Output, 7C6 2nd Det/AVC/1st Audio, 7B7 I.F. Amp, 7A8 Converter, 7C7 R.F. Stage
    Schematic: Available here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air. Riders 12-44
      A (cheap!) eBay find in July 2007. This radio was purchased to fill in a spot in my 1941 Philco lineup collection.  The original finish was gone, but the thin strip of photofinish around the base was mostly intact. Electronic repairs included; all new capacitors, restuffed to preserve the original chassis look, a new line cord, and a very thorough cleaning. The cabinet was refinished using Mowhawk brown toning lacquer and Deft gloss clear lacquer. The original photofinish strip was preserved. Below: The radio before restoration.

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