Silvertone Model 7037

Brand: Sears Silvertone  Year of Manufacture: 1941  Frequency Range(s): 550- 1600 Kc, 1.7 - 6 Mc, 6 - 17Mc
Tube Lineup: 5Y3 Rectifier, 6K6 Output, 6SQ7 Detector, 6SQ7 I.F. Amp, 6SK7 I.F. Amp, 6J5 Osc., 7H7 Mixer
Schematic: Available here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air. Riders 13-64

     This is the one that started it all. Back in the mid-nineties when I was around 9 or 10, I spotted this radio in my grandparents basement along with several others. My parents were kind enough to let me drag it home with me. At the time I had little to no electrical knowledge, but I was however fascinated by the glowing tubes and strange looking components. The original volume control was shot, so I found one that looked like the same size, and installed it via crimp connectors (no soldering skills). So technically this became the first radio that I got working. The original finish was probably fine, but I regrettably coated the entire thing with some sort of poly, and replaced the missing knobs with some modern plastic types.

    Over ten years later I decided to restore it correctly. The original finish plus the poly was stripped off, and a new lacquer finish was applied. The missing dial cover was reproduced using a kit available from Bill Turner. After some research, I tracked down a set of knobs that looked close to the originals from David Frush. The radio was also missing two pushbuttons, which I purchased from Mark Oppat. I was able to salvage the original grill cloth.

    The electronics are a different story. Instead of taking the time to replacing one capacitor at a time and testing the radio after each one, I simply replaced/restuffed them all at once, doing about four caps at a time. Sometime during the whole process a mistake was made. Now my local oscillator is dead! After sitting on the bench for around a month and still not finding the problem I finally gave up. For the mean time this radio will be a nice static display and a reminder of past mistakes.

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