Silvertone 9000

Brand: Silvertone By Sears, Roebuck & Co. Year of Manufacture: 1949   Frequency Range: 550 - 1600 Kc
Tube Lineup: 50L6 GT Output, 35Z5 GT Rectifier, 12SQ7 Detector, 12BE6 Mixer/Osc, 12BA6 I.F. Amp
Schematic: Available here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air. Riders 20-63

    This is a rather common, and very compact "All American Five" type receiver. It must have been manufactured while the industry was making the transition from octal to miniature type tubes, since this radio uses both types. I ran across this radio on a somewhat dusty shelf in a flea market. With a $27.00 price tag, and not needing any more radios at the time, it was left for someone else. A few months later it was still sitting on the dust shelf, so it found a new home on my display shelf.
    The chassis looks to have never been touched, with all original Silvertone tubes and capacitors. A gentile removal of the dust with a vacuum and paintbrush was the first job. After that, the usual replacement of capacitors followed, taking the time to restuff each capacitor in the process. The final steps were the replacement of the power cord, and a cleaning and lubrication of the controls. The set worked great on the first power up. My last repair was an alignment check using a signal generator and my VOM as an output meter.

    The cabinet was covered in a thick, nasty dust. It was washed in a mild solution of soapy water with a soft rag. The results did not look promising at first. While parts of the cabinet looked ok, there were several sections that were very dull, with the worst on top. Doing some research online yielded a little bit of information. It seems that there are many ways to polish a Bakelite cabinet. I opted to try some brown gloss shoe polish. The below photo shows the major improvement it made.  It took a little while to polish the cabinet, but the final result turned out quite nice.

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