Jeremy's Test Equipment

       Without test equipment, there would be no radio repair, and your work bench would not look half as cool without it. The most frequently used pieces are my Simpson 250, a home-brew Isolation transformer, and a NRI 88. The least used are my tube testers. With the exception of rectifiers, I seldom test tubes unless the radio is not working after a restoration.

Tube Testers

Accurate Instruments 157

B&K 600

B&K 747B

EICO 625

Simpson 555

Tube Tester : CRT

B&K 470

Signal Generator
NRI 88

Signal Tracers

Heathkit IT-12

NRI 34

Frequency Counter

Heathkit IM-2410

Power Supplies

Homebrew Isolation Transformer

Staco Variable Transformer ( Variac )


Simpson 250

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