Zenith 6G801

Brand: Zenith Radio Corp.   Year of Manufacture: 1949   Frequency Range: 550 - 1500 K.C.
Tube Lineup:  117Z3 Rectifier, 3Q5 Pwr. Amp., 1LH4 Det/Amp, 1LN5 I.F., 1LA6 Converter, 1LN5 R.F.
Schematic:Avaiable here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air.

    This radio was given to me along with several other radios in spring of 2008. After sitting in my radio storage area for over a year, I realized that I was never going to do anything with it. It ended up being dontated to silent auction at the IHRS spring swap meet in Kokomo, Indiana in 2009. A fellow collector purchased it from the auction, and promply restored it back to working condition, complete with one of his reproduction batteries. Below: The new owner posted a YouTube video of the 6G801 operating.

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