Zenith 6D2614

Brand: Zenith Radio Corp.  Year of Manufacture: 1942   Frequency Range:  550 - 1500 K.C.
Tube Lineup: 35Z5 Rectifier35L6 Pwr Amp, 14A7-12B7 A.F. Amp, 14R7 I.f./Det, 14Q7 Converter, 14C7 R.F.
Schematic: Available here, courtesy of Nostalgia Air.

    A purchase at the IHRS fall 2008 meet in Greenfield, Indiana. Repairs included a replacement audio transformer, new capacitors, and a new line cord. The cabinet was touched up using Howard's "Restore-a-finish", followed by some Howard's "Feed-n-wax". The knobs are just some matching generic knobs. Below photo: The radio before restoration. Note the original finish was in very good condition.

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