Zenith G730E


    Brand: Zenith Radio Corporation   Year Of Manufacture: 1961   Frequency Range(s): 540 - 1600KC, 88 - 108 MC
    Tube lineup: 35C5 Output, 19T8, 12AT7, 12AU6, 12BA6, 6BJ6
    Schematic: N/A
    This radio was purchased sometime in 2001 at a local antique mall. When I inquired about any radios at the store, they said they were just about ready to get rid of one that had not sold after a long while. The price was right at a mere $6.00 so this one ended up following me home. After all new capacitors, a line cord, and good cleaning, this set sounded pretty good. This radio uses a selenium rectifier, which was replaced with a few 1N4007 diodes. The most challenging part of this radio was the original dial cover, which was covered in paint, and had burns on it. A replacement was made from some scrap, clear Plexiglass from a local hardware store, as seen below. The original is on the top of the photo, and the reproduction is below .

     The original lacquer finish was beginning the flake in many places. This was sealed with a few coats of semi gloss Deft lacquer. Spring cleaning in March 2005 found this radio on a trip back to a antique mall to make room for more radios. I later learned on the Antique Radio Forums, that is radio was made in 1961, not 1951. I found some helpful information here: Date codes in Zenith model/chassis numbers.


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