Emerson  724

Brand: Emerson  Year of Manufacture: 1953  Frequency Range: 550 - 1600 Kc
Tube Lineup: 35W4 Rectifier, 50C5 Output, 12AT6 Det/AVC/A.F., 12BE6 Converter, 12BA6 I.F. Amp
Schematic: Available here, courtesy of KC9GIC. Beitmans M-O-N Radio Diagrams of 1953.

    This radio, along with my Phico H765-124, were found at a local antique shop in 2001, for the whopping amount of $5.00 for the pair. Shorty after being purchased, the capacitors were changed. A long story short, this radio had a common problem with shorted capacitors inside of the IF transformers.  These transformers are very fragile, so it didn't take long for me to break them during disassembly. A few years later I finally got around to installing some new coils. The radio now works, but not that well, so it will make a nice static display for a while.

    Cosmetic wise, the cabinet was in very good condition. A good cleaning had the cabinet looking brand new. One of the knobs was broken where it fits over the shaft. To rebuild the missing plastic, an old potentiometer that uses the same shaft was used as a mold . Automotive Bondo was used to reform the knob around the shaft. The shaft was coated with some oil to keep the Bondo from sticking to it. After this was fixed, the knobs were throughly cleaned, and repainted gold, with a final coat of clear lacquer.

        This radio was manufactured in several different colors. A few variations can be seen here ( listed under model 724 ), courtesy of The Radio Attics Archives.

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