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     In addition to collection radios, I have a large library of early service information, books, manuals, magazines, and advertisements. I have scanned a few documents and made them available for free download. While a majority of these documents are scanned by me personally, a few are scanned by others and no longer available online, so I re-posted them here with the proper credit given. If you have anything that you would like to contribute, please contact me with your info.

    You can view the downloads by clicking the links, and view/print from your browser. If you would like to save the files to your PC, right click the links and select "Save Target As", and save to your PC.

  Unless otherwise noted, all of these scanned documents are property of me, Jeremy Schotter. I made them available online, free to download, as a service to other collectors and restorers. For more sources of free manuals, books, schematics, and other technical data, please visit the below links.

BAMA, "The Boat Anchor Manual Archive". Manuals and schematics for download.
Nostalgia Air, "Online Antique and Vintage Radio References." Schematics and tube substitutions
Renovated Radios Downloads, Various manuals and service magazines.
VacuumTubeEra, Out-Of-Print documents and electronics references from the 1930s-1960s.

  Most of the files are in .PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat to view.
* Zip file, requires Winzip to open. (A few evaluation version is available.)
** DJVU file, requires DjVu viewer to open. (A free program, much like Adobe Acrobat.)

Radio Manuals & Instructions

Philco 44
   Instructions 1.7MB
Philco 40-124
    Installation & Operating Instructions. 175KB
Philco 41-95
    Installation & Operating Instructions. 159KB
Philco 42-390
    Installation & Operating Instructions. 212KB
Philco 70

    Installation & Operating Instructions. Courtesy of Kirk Laffman 508KB
Philmore 205
    5 Tube Superhet Receiver Kit instruction/assembly manual. 926KB
RCA R-32
    Installation and Instructions Booklet. 894KB
Zenith 10S690
    Instructions and Call Letter Tabs. The tabs are Approx. 1/2" long & 9/32 tall. May have to tweak file to get correct size. 341KB
Zenith H723Z1
    Instructions 302KB

Test Equipment Manuals & Instructions

B&K 1460
    SS Triggered Sweep Oscilloscope instruction manual. 2.9MB
B&K 1460
    Schematic & Parts List. 243KB
B&K 1466A & 1476A
    10 Mhz Oscilloscope instruction manual. 8.6MB
B&K 177/V-95
    VTVM Instruction manual/schematic. 1MB
    UHF to VHF Converter/Amplifier 180KB
Eico CRA
    TV Picture Tube Adapter for model 666-666K tube testers. 395KB
Eico 610
    Tube tester adapter instruction manual. 609KB
Eico 610
    Assembly & construction manual. 679KB
Eico 625
Tube tester instruction manual. Courtesy of John McDonald. 21MB
Heathkit IM-24010 Frequency Counter
    Assembly Manual and Instructions. Courtesy of BAMA (Can not find original contributor.) 1.4MB *
Heathkit IT-12 Signal Tracer
    Assembly Manual and Instructions. Courtesy of Garey Barrell, K4OAH and BAMA. 450KB **
Hickok Models 510X, 530, 550X
     Tube Data 4.11MB
Jackson 648
     Tube Tester Operating Instructions 738KB
Jackson 648
     Special Tube Data 938KB
Knight VTVM (Model?)
    Assembly and instruction manual. 6.82MB
Oak Ridge Model 101
    Substitution Operating Instructions 886KB
Oak Ridge Models 106 & 108
    CRT Tester and Pocket Power Supply Operating Instructions 949KB
      Radio Battery Tester Operating Instructions 1.19MB
Sencore BE113
    Dual TV Bias Supply advertisement. 314KB
Sencore FE14 & FE16
    Field Effect Meter instruction/service manual. 889KB
Simpson 215
    Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter operating manual. 1.22MB
Simpson 381
    Capacity Bridge Operators Manual 676KB
Simpson 555
    Tube Tester operators manual. Courtesy of Dave Rossetti, 6.22MB
Simpson 555
    Tube Tester roll chart. Courtesy of Dave Rossetti, 3.73MB
Simpson 555
    Tube Tester suppliment tube data. Courtesy of Dave Rossetti, 637KB
Superior TV-11
    Tube Tester operaing instructions. 1.33MB
Superior TV-11
    How to get the most out of your Model TV-11. 4.09MB 


Technical Data

Burgess Battery Replacement Guide
     For farm and portable radios. 1945 875KB
Foreign Tube Interchangeability Guide
    European/American compatibility. 950 KB
Meissner Data Chart
    Antenna, R.F., and oscillator coils. 107KB
Meissner I.F. Transformers
    General instructions. 135KB
Miller 12-C13 Coil
    Replacement I.F. coil guide for select GE radios. 75KB
National Union Official Handbook
    Tube characteristics, base connections, and interchangeability. 1.1MB
Olson 456kc I.F. Transformer Data Sheet
    Pin Layout for L-32 ( K-Trans) I.F. Transformers. 16KB
Radio Wire Television Inc. Order Form
    A 1939 order form for a parts supplier. 264KB
RCA Interchangeability Directory
    Non-Receiving Electron Tubes. 1.5MB
RCA Tube Substitution For Emergency Servicing Of Civilian Receivers
    1944 , 16 pages. Servicing during WWII. 1.62MB
Standard Transformer Corp
    Instruction sheet, lots of info for output transformers. 195KB

Emerson - 1938 Contest
    Saturday Evening Post 1938. Camay Soap Ad, with a contest to win a model AM-169. 257KB
General Electric - 1934 Radios
     Models M-81, C-61, M-51m M-67,M-125, M-56, and "The Bandmaster". 875KB
    Oct. 42 QST 254KB
    Radio News 1939, Skyrider Models 805KB
Hallicrafters Model S-38
    Ad with features and price. 1947 373KB
IRC Resistors
    Radio-Craft 1946 227KB
Mallory Radio Service Encyclopedia
    1940 976KB
Majestic- "Colorful Tone"
     Ladies' Home Journal 11/1929. Beautiful color ad from 1929 of an unknown model. 205KB
Meissner Catalog 48-A
    "Precision-Built Products". 1.7MB
Philco - 1928 Radios
    The Saturday Evening Post 8/18/1928. Color ad of real early Philco radios. 221KB
Philco - 1934 Radios
     Saturday Evening Post 1934. Models 16X, 44X, and 84B. 257KB
Philco - 1937 Model 37-116
     Saturday Evening Post 1937. Automatic Tuning. 210KB
Philco - 1938 Radios
    The Saturday Evening Post 1938. Models 38-116X, 38-3XX, and 38-7xx. 243KB
Precision Electronics
    Models 200 and 250 signal tracers. 1.5MB
RCA - 1927  Radiola Radios
    Models Radiola 16, 17, 20, 28, 30A, 32, 104, & 100A Speaker. 348KB
RCA - Model R-78
     National Geographic, Unknown Date. 660KB
Solar Capacitors
    Radio-Craft 1946 219KB
Standard Transformer Corp.
    Radio News 1939 634KB
Sylvania Tubes & Technical Manual
    1940 420KB
Thordarson Amplifiers
    1947 554KB
Thordarson Electric
Oct. 42 QST 357KB
United Transformers Co.
    Oct. 1942 QST 250KB
Utah Transformers
    1940 985KB
Weston Instruments
    1940, Models 772, 776, & 787 510KB


A Dictionary Of Radio Terms
    Allied Radio Corp. 1944, 39 pages. 4.94MB
Allied Manual of Simplified Radio Servicing
    Allied Radio Corp. 1943, 40 pages. 650KB
Allied's Radio-Formula & Data Book
    Allied Radio Corp. 1942, 44 pages. 859KB
Radio Electronics Reference Manual
    Radio-Craft 1946, 48 pages. 3.9MB *
Radio Service Shortcuts
    Radio & Television Retailing. 1940, 71 pages. 7.8MB *
Short Wave and Marine Band Guide
     Great info for the Dxer! 23 pages. 1.3MB


RCA Test Equipment & Accessories
    Catalog #1, Catalog #2 35 pages. 2.6MB
Turner Microphones
    The Turner Company 8 pages. 1.9MB

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